TASK 42: Compact Thermal Energy Storage

The overall objective of this task is to develop advanced materials and systems for the compact storage of thermal energy.

IEA Solar Heating & Cooling Programme

The Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (SHC) was established in 1977, one of the first programmes of the International Energy Agency, to promote the use of all aspects of solar thermal energy. The Programme's work is unique in that it is accomplished through the international collaborative effort of experts from member countries and the European Union.

The benefits of this approach are:

  • accelerates the pace of technology development
  • promotes standardization
  • enhances national R&D programmes
  • permits national specialization
  • saves time and money

Collaborating Organizations

SHC 2015

What's New
  • The Ins & Outs of Integrating Solar Heat into Industrial Processes - October 13, 2015. Solar Heat for Industrial Processes (SHIP) is an important, upcoming market for solar thermal. To support the growth of this technology the IEA SHC Programme and IEA SolarPACES Programme, working with experts in this field, developed guidelines that describe in detail how to incorporate solar heat into industrial processes. (Posted: 2015-10-12)
  • IEA SHC Task 49: Solar Process Heat Showcase in Montpellier - Industry participation is key for the research work of IEA’s Solar Heating and Cooling Programme. Hence, the researchers of Task 49, Solar Heat Integration in Industrial Processes, used the last meeting in France in mid-September to hold a one-day workshop dedicated to Solar Heat Integration in Industrial Processes (SHIP) in cooperation with French start-up Energy Service Company Sunti. (Posted: 2015-10-05)
  • IEA SHC Task 42: Latent Heat Storage Has Huge Potential in the Long Run - In their position paper published in August 2015, the scientists of IEA SHC Task 42 (Compact Thermal Energy Storage) summed up the key results of their work between 2009 and 2015. Operating agent Matthias Rommel sees huge potential for latent heat and sorption materials in the long run – in seasonal solar heat storage for small and medium applications, as well as in the building sector. (Posted: 2015-10-03)
  • Solar Cooling 2.0: New Generation Growing Up - The workshop New Generation Solar Cooling & Heating Systems held in Rome, Italy, on 23 September 2015 was the opportunity to check the status of both research on and market developments in solar cooling technology. (Posted: 2015-10-01)
  • IEA SHC: 20 Country Profile Analyse Market and Industry Development - The country portraits deliver a comprehensive view on the market, including latest sales volumes, an analysis of major market drivers and barriers, a view into the national supply chain, some figures on system costs and political frame conditions, as well as a chapter on current innovations in the solar heating and cooling industry. The following text includes some of the figures from the UK country portrait and the latest statistics on the Domestic RHI delivered by the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority, Ofgem. (Posted: 2015-09-03)
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  • IEA SHC Task 51: Urban Planners Know Little about Solar Energy Potential - During IEA SHC Task 51, Solar Energy in Urban Planning, the project partners evaluated the legal, process and education issues of solar in urban planning across the twelve member countries.
  • Solar and Heat Pump Systems for Residential Buildings - The combination of heat pumps and solar components is a recent development and has great potential for improving the energy efficiency of house and hot water heating systems. As a consequence, it can enhance the energy footprint of a building substantially. Order your copy of the new book: "Solar and Heat Pump Systems for Residential Buildings" recently published by Wiley publishers.
  • Kick-off Meeting to be Held October 21-22, 2015 in Freiburg, Germany
  • Task 39: 33 New Info Sheets Posted - Task 39 has posted 33 new Info Sheets dealing with polymeric materials for solar collectors and solar storage. Check them out.
  • Industrial Workshop SHIP, France - 15 September 2015 - The SHIP day is intended to industrial, production, energy and sustainability managers within the process industries (agro food, paper, chemistry, textile, leather, metal treatment, etc.), industry associations, production lines and machinery providers as well as energy consultants. This is also a great opportunity to network with the experts from the Task 49, solar technology providers as well as developers with investment capacity. All the competences and success keys for your projects.
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Publication Highlight
Solar Update - November 2105

The latest edition of the SHC newsletter Solar Update is now available.  The newsletter includes articles on a SHC 2015 Conference, Solar Heat Worldwide, Energy Reserves, Task 54: Price Reductions, Task 53: Solar Cooling 2.0, Task 46: Solar Measurements, Task 51: Solar Education, Country Highlight: Spain, SHC Report Highlights, and Current Members List.  Read More >>

SHC Solar Award
SHC Solar Award 2014

The International Energy Agency Solar Heating Programme (IEA SHC) presented its 2014 SHC SOLAR AWARD to the City of Montmélian, now officially called Montmélian la Solaire, which has been a  solar thermal pioneer for more than 30 years.  Read More >>

Task Highlight
TASK 48:

The main objective of this Task is to assist a strong and sustainable market development of solar cooling systems.